S.P.A. Therapy

Consultation - Reiki - Coaching

S.P.A. Reiki


Spiritual Psychology Applications for Reiki and Chakra-work

S.P.A. Reiki session includes:

  • Confidential Assessment
  • S.P.A. Reiki with Essential oils 
  • Essential Oil Sample to take home for remedial energy work
  • Essential Oils are chosen based on your assessment of physical, emotional and chakra health

S.P.A. Consultation

S.P.A. Consultation for Stress, Pain and/or Anxiety

  • Assessment that integrates your physical and emotional aspects of your stress, pain or anxiety.
  • A personalized self-care protocol consisting of an essential oil, stretches, movements, and mantras.
  • Essential Oil sample(s) are additional cost. ($5 and up)


Are you a Reiki Practitioner,
Energy Worker or other
Integrative Healing Practitioner
that is interested in
becoming Certified in
S.P.A. Reiki with Essential Oils?

For more information contact
Kathy King at BodynSol


  • Assists in healing, relieving and/or managing symptoms of chronic stress, pain and anxiety.
  • Release limiting patterns that may contribute to your condition and possibly prevent recovery.
  • Find the connection between your physical symptoms/condition and the emotional/spiritual aspects that is required to truly be free.
  • Balancing the chakras feels like a “tune up” for your energy body which in turn helps the body to feel lighter and at ease.
  • Activate awareness of life lessons, the “why” for your experience with trauma and pain.
  • Energetically and consciously rewrite spiritual contracts that can be held within your energy field, chakras and the body.  (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for your Soul)
  • A deep feeling of self-love, self-acceptance, comfort, relief, renewal, focus, purpose, peace, relaxation and clarity.
  • Confidence and tools to maintain your progress in the “real world” called daily life.

To book an appointment call or email:

Kathy King
Ordained Light Master, Reiki Practitioner and S.P.A. Therapist

S.P.A. Coaching

Spiritual Psychology Applications for healing chronic, recurring and intense experiences of trauma or loss that has created stress, pain and/or anxiety.

All of the trauma, loss, stress, pain, anxiety and illness that we experience does have a higher purpose. Becoming aware of the “why” and combining that with management strategies will empower your body, mind and soul to heal (not always cure) your pain on a deeper, emotional, spiritual level.

Coaching combines the aspects of the S.P.A. Consultation and the S.P.A. Reiki with Spiritual Psychology and its respective modality; Inverse Wave Therapy.  (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the Soul)

$275 for 5 session/10 week package ($55/session)

For more information see the Coaching Page