S.P.A. Coaching:
Spiritual Psychology Applications for your Physical and Personal Impowerment*

Osteopathy, Massage Therapy and Essential Oil Applications can help you with the physical relief,
ongoing management and sometimes rehabilitation of your condition and/or dis-ease.
I specialize in helping people that have been suffering with chronic physical pain and/or emotional pain.
We tend to focus on treating the “physical” pain and not honoring the emotional pain that is a result of the physical pain or possibly a contributing factor in chronic pain conditions.

I believe that there are opportunities for spiritual and personal growth from the journey of “dis”-ease or trauma. There are emotions and energy that are carried in the body and spirit that are linked to your condition and they are the clues to the higher purpose of your experience. This aspect of stress, pain, anxiety and dis-ease is what I am passionate about.  I am able to ‘connect the dots’ between your experience and the higher purpose. Together, we can find the clues that will help shift your energy and your healing.

To achieve this higher perspective and shift in healing I combine several of my training’s’
and create a coaching plan based on your needs and goals.

Here is a list of a few modalities that I combine during your S.P.A. Coaching program.

  1. Spiritual Psychology (my favourite) helps you discern your life lesson(s); your WHY that is behind all of your remarkable and possibly traumatic, life experiences. Spiritual Psychology reveals the path, the opportunities and the contracts that are key to your success in health, happiness and life.
  2. Inverse Wave Therapy provides you with the opportunity to work backward and forward in your time line, as well as heal generational energy stamps and belief systems. This helps you clear old emotions that are not serving a purpose in your healing journey.  
  3. Reiki Energy Healing is an exchange of energy between you and your preferred Source of energy. For some people it is God, for others it may be their guides, ancestors, angels and even Mother Earth. During this session you can give your body and soul permission to release anything that no longer serves you in exchange for unconditional love and light, from your chosen source. This helps your body and energy systems relax, balance and reset.
  4. Essential Oils are the secret ingredient that allows your healing and growth experience to be subtle yet profound. I use the oils in your Life Lesson work, your Inverse Wave work and even in your Reiki Energy Healing. The oils empower you. The oils shift your energy. The oils work congruent and adaptive with your emotions and physiology. The oils are what you can take home after your session to continue your self-healing process.


Impowerment* vs. Empowerment

ImPowerment is when you are in alignment with your truth, your purpose and your personal power.
ImPowerment is loving all aspects of your Self.
ImPowerment is having the ability to find and use your inner light to guide your Self to a state of peace and acceptance.
ImPowerment.  Because essentially you are the one doing the work.  I am just your guide.

There are 12 Spiritual Life Lessons that interact with each other to help you master your soul purpose. All 12 are embedded in your life experiences and the most powerful lessons are the ones that seem to be repetitive, chronic or traumatic.  They show up in the form of trauma or loss.  Whether it be a physical, mental or emotional trauma or loss, it is ALWAYS spiritual.  Each time you experience a trauma or loss it feels like it gets stacked on top of the previous negative experience.  This coaching is about honoring all the experiences while gently peeling the layers and learning the higher purpose of each one.  These aspects, or 12 lessons, are your guides to fulfilling your life/soul purpose.  It doesn’t have to feel heavy and overwhelming.  The modalities and techniques used in this coaching will be awe inspiring, enlightening and create a sense of self-confidence that you are worthy of joy, happiness and strength. At your initial session we will discern which life lesson is your primary and which ones are the key players in guiding you through your journey of trauma or “dis”-ease.  What I love most about this work is that it fits perfectly with ALL other treatment options that you may be doing to heal your trauma or condition.

Coaching Package:
5 session/10 weeks  $275 + hst  PAID in FULL



  • “Responsibility is the balance to personal power.”  Self-Acceptance, Worthiness and the Art of Graceful Acceptance initiates responsibility of healing and creating positive changes in belief or perspective that can relieve your physical and emotional discomfort.
  • Change = Unknown.  The Unknown = Feeling Not in Control.  Not in Control = Feeling Powerless.  Your state of dis-ease created change in your life, your health and your body.  In order to heal and rehabilitate you have to become comfortable with the process of change.  Let’s balance your heart and your mind so that you can focus on this journey with calm, confidence and support.
  • When you are in pain or the state of dis-ease it can feel uncomfortable being You.  Sometimes in order to feel whole during your journey you will look outside yourself for ways to feel whole.  This is comforting and good but you also need balance.  Balance between external comfort and the ability to nurture your self when needed.  You can do this.  You are imperfectly Perfect.
  • When you are in pain, depressed or grieving don’t you find it hard to connect and be with other people?  This is normal and sometimes it is healthy to disconnect temporarily.  BUT, if there is an ongoing sense of feeling alone, even when you are in a group, then let’s look at the higher purpose. What is the learning that needs to take place here?
  • What do you need?  Have you asked for what you need?  What is in your heart that you need to say?
  • How does being in pain or unhealthy affect your creative abilities?  Are you experiencing abundance blockages?  I can assure you that You are a Creator.  Let’s get some clarity about what you want to create for your self and then shift whatever is in your way so that you can achieve success in your health care.
  • Healthy boundaries.  Do you find it hard to maintain your own energy, in your own space?  Are you putting your self 1st?  Do you find it difficult to say “NO”, even when you’re feeling your worst.
  • Feeling in alignment with your self can also be difficult when you are experiencing challenges with your physical and emotional health. It is hard to always do what you say, or speak what you feel.  However, this is one of the most important aspects of healing and mastering your life lessons.
  • Trusting your self (your body) is a common primary life lesson for those that suffer with chronic pain or other disorders.  Let’s focus on the other 11 aspects of the spiritual psychology and you will naturally master this life lesson.
  • Taking full responsibility for your own thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions creates a sense of freedom and independence.  You feel your personal power very strongly when you do this.  Your unique truth is VERY important in your healing journey.


My Journey…My Life Lessons

In 2006 I was experiencing a major transition in my life. My business had to close and relocate. I was experiencing the failure of my dream and although I was motivated to still achieve success I was feeling scared and I was filled with self doubt. I felt overwhelmed, embarrassed and angry. If I was going to rebuild my dream I really didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes and experience failure again. The only option I had was to take a step back, be humble and take some time to adapt to this life event.

The one ‘mantra’ that repeats itself in my head during times of change is “everything happens for a reason”.

spiritualpsychologyIt was at this time that I asked God, the universe, or whom ever was in charge of the ‘happenings’ to please explain the reason for this happening. This is when an earth angel loaned me a book called ‘Spiritual Psychology and the 12 Primary Life Lessons’ by Steve Rother of Lightworker.

This book opened my eyes, mind and heart to many aspects of my Self. It explained the ‘reasons’ for why I experienced many things in my life such as; abandonment, lack of self esteem and integrity, unhealthy boundaries, my search for universal truth, and my inability to express my power in a productive and successful way…to mention a few.  Spiritual Psychology revealed the truth; that I AM in charge of the ‘happenings’ in MY life.  At this time I took a brave step forward on my journey to being ImPowered.

This one experience perceived to be negative became the best thing that ever happened to me. I proceeded to become Certified in Spiritual Psychology as well as four additional OverLight courses/modalities.  In 2011 I began the Light Master training and in 2014 I received my Ordination as a Light Master.

Spiritual Psychology and the 12 primary life lessons have played a huge role in my personal stress management over the years.  It has helped me manage grief and loss of family members, pets and friends.  It helped me stay strong and supportive through my husbands traumatic experience with kidney failure, dialysis and transplant.  It has helped me see the higher purpose and the gifts within all of these experiences.  Were these experiences hard? YES.  Did I feel heart broken with deep sadness when my uncle and my grandmother passed, when both my dogs passed, when my mother in law passed?  YES, YES, YES and YES.  Was I scared, worried and anxious during my husbands kidney journey or my mother’s stroke?  ABSOLUTELY.  Of course we are going to be human and feel grief, fear, worry and sadness.  Having a spiritual connection and understanding is what grounds me.  It helps me to honor my emotions, accept the gifts and stay focused on my purpose……….which is to help you do the same.  

Today I use this training, in addition to Reiki and Essential Oils, to help others find relief, comfort, acceptance, healing, growth, and mastery of their life, health and spiritual journey.  
Check out individual S.P.A. Reiki sessions to see if this will help you.